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What is rape and sexual harassment?

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What Every Rape Victim Should Know And Do

Rape is a crime which revolves around hostility, power and violence. The actual definition of rape differs from state to state and varies from country to country internationally. Rape is the action of one person forcing another person to engage in a sexual activity against their will. Victims of rape can be male or female of any age, physical appearance, sexual orientation and race.

No two rape victims will react the same way; there is no guide that will fit all rape scenarios. When you become a victim of rape, the most vital thing to remember is that you are not at fault, and you can heal from the assault. You need to report the rape incident to the police as soon as possible in order to put the rapist in custody as soon as possible. The three things that all victims need to do are: seek medical attention, deal with the emotions and acknowledge that the rape was not your fault.

When you seek medical attention, do not bath, douche or change clothes in order to help preserve evidence. You will also go through tests to see if you have been exposed to any sexually transmitted diseases or internal injuries. While in some countries rape victims under the age of eighteen will be treated confidentially, there are some states that will require the parent or guardian be notified and be present.

There is no time when someone will have the right to have sex with you without your consent. The rapist is the only person to be blamed; one common tactic that rapists employ is to tell their victims that it was their fault that the rape occurred which instills a feeling of shame and guilt, and causes the victim to break down emotionally. They may say something like you wanted it to happen or you asked for it because of the way you dress or act. Regardless of what the victim said or did before or during the rape, they are not to be blamed.

Due to the fact that most rapes are performed by people the victim is familiar with, they might feel torn between reporting that person or not. It is good to remember that your safety and and the safety of others is your first priority; you need to do what is right for you in order to facilitate healing and recovery. If you know someone that is a rape victim, help them by letting them know that they are not at fault.